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When forming walls, using a quality formliner can add long lasting beauty and strength to a wall for generations to come at an affordable price. American Formliners' high level of service and quality meet the high expectations required for tilt-up, precast or cast-in-place applications.

Over 100 quality patterns & textures to choose from!

We have an extensive array of standard molds, which include trapezoid, stone, wood, fractured, and brick/block patterns. Choose from over one hundred standard formliner patterns currently being used by State Departments of Transportation, airports, architectural/engineering firms and designers across the United States and Canada. In addition to these patterns, we also accept custom projects and have the capabilities to provide endless design possibilities with outstanding results. Most of our formliner patterns can be produced in single use plastic (HIPS), multi-use plastic (ABS), and extended use urethane (PE) material.

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